Making Your Holiday Outing a Whole Day Event!

It’s time to start planning your outing to The Lights of Christmas! The event may open at night, but there is so much to do within the community around The Lights of Christmas it’s easy to spend a whole day in our neck of the woods! Here are some staff favorite activities, sights, and tastes from the Stanwood-Camano area.


Christmas shopping! There are tons of small shops sprinkled throughout the region. Some favorites include: Uff Da Shoppe, The Picnic Pantry & Parlor, Stanwood Camano Thrift Store, Wit’s End Bookstore, Flora & Fauna, and Vida Verde Home Mercantile and Candle Shop.

Give disc golf a try! Stanwood is home to the #1 rated disc golf course in the state of Washington, Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort. This awesome facility has both free and paid options for playing while also having a pro shop open from Wednesday to Sunday and a BBQ restaurant on the weekends. Church Creek Park in Stanwood also has a free 18 hole public course.

See a movie! Stanwood Cinemas at the Pavilion is a cute small town movie theatre with an amazing theme and décor! It’s a movie experience your family won’t soon forget!


Head to the Beach! With Port Susan Bay right next door, and broader access to Puget Sound just beyond that, there are numerous beaches to explore in the area. They include: Camano Island State Park, Cama Beach Historical State Park, Kayak Point Regional County Park, English Boom County Park, Barnum Point Preserve, and Iverson Trail Preserve. Have fun exploring!

Drive a little farther! There are other beautiful sights to see just a short drive away from The Lights of Christmas. Deception Pass, Chuckanut Drive, and Little Mountain Park are all within drivable distance to make a day trip out of your evening event.


Grab  a bite to eat! There are so many amazing restaurants in the area it’s hard to go wrong, but here are some of the places frequented by our staff. Jimmy’s Pizza and Pasta, Jasmine Thai and Sushi, Shima Sushi, Mammoth Burger Co., Happy Teriyaki, Cady’s Cocina, Tapped Camano, Mustard Seed Baking Co., The Cama Beach Café, Dragon Palace, and Farmer’s Café!

There is so much to experience in this beautiful corner of Washington so when you make your plans for your visit to The Lights of Christmas be sure to give your family enough time to see all the area has to offer! For additional resources Discover Stanwood Camano is a great tool if you would like to leave no stone unturned on your journey.

Tickets are on sale now for The Lights of Christmas and you can order them here! The event runs select nights November 25 through December 31. Merry Christmas to all!

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