The Lights of Christmas, a Community Celebration

The Christmas season continues to inspire families and communities with joy, love, and hope. This season of connecting, giving, and creating memories draws the community together like no other. Joy creates strong bonds between people as is evidenced at concerts, sporting events, and theme parks.

The Lights of Christmas elicits joy through the celebration of the love, hope, faith, and family expressed so well throughout the season. In drawing the community together in the Christmas celebration, the event also gathers community members who contribute to the festivities.

In ordinary years, hundreds of community members participate in concerts and theater. Local artisans create and sell gift items. Food vendors bring delicious meals and treats for patrons to enjoy. Hundreds of volunteers give of their time to make The Lights of Christmas a source of joy for many.

This year, with A Drive-Thru Christmas, the community spirit shines brightly. Local vendors offer espresso and Kettlecorn. Local artists have contributed their talents to creating larger-than-life Christmas cards to line one of the lanes. Heritage Bank has sponsored artwork. A small cadre of volunteers direct cars, serve as costumed characters, and assist with the many details of operating the event.

The joy of Christmas cannot be quarantined! The Lights of Christmas presents A Drive-Thru Christmas with and for our local community!

-Patrick Patterson, C.O.O.
Warm Beach Camp, home of The Lights of Christmas

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