5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of A Drive-Thru Christmas

The Lights of Christmas presents… A Drive-Thru Christmas is a few nights into its 26-night elaborate celebration of Christmas. Because this new format was something never done before in the 24-year history of the event, nobody was one hundred percent sure how it would look. Now that the dazzling Holiday event is underway, we know some basic steps you can take to get the absolute most out of your visit to A Drive-Thru Christmas!

  1. Observe the speed limit.

This might seem obvious, but the speed limit is not just for safety! The Lights of Christmas team worked hard to establish a speed that was not only safe for the guests, but also ensured a steady flow of traffic while still being able to enjoy all the displays A Drive-Thru Christmas has to offer. Stick to the speed limit and you will be able to take in the full beauty of the event.


Seasoned The Lights of Christmas guests will already know the donuts are a must, but for those PNW Christmas festival novices out there, DO NOT SLEEP ON THE DONUTS!!! Made hot and fresh right here on the event grounds the donuts are sure to bring a smile to your face and warm fuzzy feeling to your tummy that can only be described as Christmas cheer! When you choose to go through the Snacks and Drinks line toward the beginning of the event, it adds a few minutes to your trip and a lot of happiness to your car.

  1. Listen to the radio station.

Tune your radio to 101.9 FM for some classic Christmas tunes and some special messages and jokes from the one and only Bruce the Spruce the talking Christmas tree. Some of the displays are even set to the music! Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, so don’t be afraid of those high notes. Santa would be proud!

  1. Your admission ticket is good for anytime within your hour.

Often there is a bit of a rush at the top of the hour because guests don’t want to be late to their reservation time. Wait times have never been exorbitant, but if you want to avoid the rush, your best bet is showing up between 20 and 30 minutes into your reservation time. The Lights of Christmas staff works hard to get all guests through in a timely fashion and as long as you show up within your chosen hour you’ll be enjoying the event before you know it!

  1. Give space and keep on rolling.

Spacing is important to getting a full range of view to see all the bright and beautiful displays. Make sure to give the car in front of you some room and avoid the urge to stop to help the car behind you do the same. Nobody likes bumper to bumper traffic and the easiest way to avoid that is giving space and keep on moving. If you do find yourself in close traffic, please double check and make sure your headlights are off to ensure as little light pollution as possible for everyone.

A Drive-Thru Christmas is open select nights until December 30. Admission is available for purchase exclusively online at TheLightsofChristmas.com. Be sure to purchase your admission in advance, have your admission ticket downloaded or printed upon arrival, and be ready to be wowed! Thank you to everybody that has already made the event a success this year! If you learned something from this and want to come again, we’d love to have you, and you already know how to purchase admission! What’s stopping you from getting even more Holiday fun in this season!?

Merry Christmas to all!

-Carl Kulper, Communications Specialist
The Lights of Christmas

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