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Dazzling! Wonder-filled. Like another world

What is it about twinkling colored lights warming the night sky that awakens delight? Could it be that something deep within is awakened and drawn to light? Is it hope? Beauty? Wonder?

Like a beckoning from a place more akin to our fondest childhood memories, lights take us someplace enchanting. The Lights of Christmas with over one million lights in dazzling displays, takes you to this place.

As the lights create awe and wonder, music carries you through the enchanted grounds shifting themes with the decor. Musical performances by choirs, bands, and acoustic artists take place all throughout the evening. Drama vignettes entertain in the warmth of the Deer Mountain Lodge. Children enjoy making ornaments. Eyes widen with delight at the chance to ride a pony or pet a sheep. Amazingly, a spruce tree named Bruce talks to you and tells funny, and sometimes corny jokes to keep the laughter flowing through the night. Whether strolling through the lighted grounds or taking a short train ride, the lights create the festive backdrop for a magical holiday wonderland enjoyed with friends and family.

At The Lights of Christmas, you’ll experience a holiday dream come true. It’s like becoming a child again at the most wonder-filled time of life! Over one million lights and more offers joy and celebration that leaves you feeling, “This is what Christmas is all about!”

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Saturday Work Days

Volunteers are invited to join the fun of setting up displays and finish decorating for The Lights of Christmas Festival! You will have the joy of bringing Christmas magic to life for others. Sign up today! Limited space available.

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The Lights of Christmas Festival opens this year the day after Thanksgiving, November 29th! Bring the whole family and check out the incredible lights displays, yummy food, exceptional live entertainment, and so much more! Here is our top 5 must see light display list.

Christmas in July

Don’t let people who say, “It’s too early for Christmas,” get you down! It’s never too early for hot cocoa, and sugar cookies are never a bad idea! Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center (home of The Lights of Christmas) will jump at any excuse to be a little more festive than normal.

The Lights of Christmas wins award

The Lights of Christmas was selected as a nominee by a panel of expert judges and then ensued four weeks of public voting in order to earn its place in the top ten.

My Christmas story

When I think about Christmas I think about tradition. Sleeping in Christmas morning, eating cinnamon toast, reading the birth story of Christ, enjoying a meal of appetizers the night before, and opening just one gift on Christmas Eve.
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