Looking for a fun holiday theatre near Seattle?

Delicious desserts await you at this year’s Sunday Dessert Matinee at The Lights of Christmas featuring the live performance of It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry. Taste tests have been done and the winning dessert this year is Chuckanut Cheesecakes! The mouthwatering flavors include Chocolate Truffle, Very Berry, and Salted Caramel. There is even a gluten-free Chocolate Truffle option. Along with the cheesecakes will be a gourmet cookie and cracker platter, cheese spread, fresh fruit platter, and fruit dip. Yum.

A special bit of magic happens with the Sunday Dessert Matinee. You arrive in the late afternoon during daylight and see the festival grounds in all the natural beauty of Warm Beach Camp. Then settle in and enjoy the desserts and award-winning play. When the matinee is over, you exit the holiday theatre into a Christmas wonderland. There’s plenty of time to explore and enjoy The Lights of Christmas Nightly Festival with dazzling lights and decorations, Christmas music, activities, food venues and more live entertainment. It will be an evening you will always remember!

To register and for more information about The Lights of Christmas Sunday Dessert Matinee, click here: TheLightsofChristmas.com/holiday-theatre/sunday-dessert-matinee

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