Top 5 Staff Favorite Displays 

The Lights of Christmas staff work hard every year to share the message and joy of Christmas with the community. Through this work, they too have been positively impacted by the annual event! Not only by the displays but by the families and individuals they serve during the holidays.  

Here is the inside scoop on the top 5 staff favorite displays and why they mean so much. 

#5 Jumping Porpoise  

The Jumping Porpoise display is surrounded by seascape light arrangements that highlight coastal living and reminds guests of their seaside memories. “I once swam with them in Mexico, and it was lifechanging.” -Reggie, Customer Service at The Lights of Christmas 

#4 The Light Tunnel 

It’s not The Lights of Christmas without the iconic light tunnel! And this year cars will be able to drive under it! “I am looking forward to the new light tunnel and the laser lights!” – Jessica Wilson, Development Director, Warm Beach Camp Ministries, Ministry Conglomerate of The Lights of Christmas 

#3 Cascade Splendor 

The Cascade Splendor is a classic display and a fan-favorite! It’s one of the first displays to go up every year. It takes my breath away a little bit, every time I see it!” -Laurie Fertello, Creative Director, The Lights of Christmas 

#2 The Laser Light Forest 

This was another new display in 2020 created by Dustin Delange, Technical Lead. It replicates a snow flurry in your car and has quickly become a highlight of the event! “The laser light forest is my kids favorite!” -Kayla, Director of The Lights of Christmas 

#1 The Nativity 

The number one staff favorite display is The Nativity! This time-honored display is a staff and attendee favorite. This year the Nativity is expanding so guests can expect to get even more out of this year’s display. “My favorite is the Nativity, which reminds me of the transcendent glory of God coming to live among us in the person of Jesus.” -Pat, CFO, Warm Beach Camp Ministries, Ministry Conglomerate of The Lights of Christmas 


The Lights of Christmas is available thanks to our generous donors, volunteers, staff and attendees. It’s an honor to serve you and your family during the event! We hope to see you this year at The Lights of Christmas presents… A Drive-Thru Christmas, where you’ll experience the magic of Christmas through over a million lights shown through new and classic displays. 


Tickets can be purchased online at  

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