The Lights of Christmas, a community event

When The Lights of Christmas began in 1997, it set out to lavishly celebrate the message of Christmas in a way that welcomed the community. And what better way to welcome the community than by reaching out to the community for participation in this event! The response has been wonderful!

Local theater artists and Northwest playwrights produce the Holiday Theatre plays. Local music groups perform on several Nightly Festival entertainment stages. Hundreds of community volunteers give their time, and dozens of civic organizations and churches bring groups to help staff the event each night. “I enjoy volunteering at The Lights of Christmas. It puts me in the Christmas spirit.” shares one volunteer from last year. Local businesses donate goods and services or give counter space where brochures are displayed. Northwest artists produce artwork for display or crafts and merchandise for sale in the gift shops. Even local food vendors get in on the celebration, providing food that fills the tummy and warms the heart.

The Lights of Christmas has become a heart-warming holiday experience through the generosity and participation of the entire community. Our prayer is that the 2015 season will be one of joy, togetherness, and rest from the weariness of an overly-busy season. May we, as a community, join together and bless our community and make it a truly “Merry” Christmas.

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