The Hope of Christmas

Hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised. Our idea of hope is usually something simple like, “I hope this goes well,” or, “I hope you feel better,” but in 2020, there is an overwhelming need for hope!  

We cling to hope that schools will fully open back up, that the economy bounces back, that families don’t lose their homes, and parents don’t lose their jobs. We, of course, hope for an end to the pandemic and for peace in this world. There has been disappointment and fear throughout this year, but ultimately, we have hope in God’s promise, and we see that clearly through Christmas.  

We are excited to be able to show the community hope through The Lights of Christmas this year with a drive-thru experience.   

It will look different, but it gives us hope for some normalcy in this time of uncertainty. We want our community to feel hopeful for the future. The drive-thru event will be an opportunity to gather the family and to keep from canceling another tradition.   

You will be able to drive through and see the lights you have enjoyed for so many years in a new and different way. You can grab a bag of donuts, wave to Santa, and even hear a few jokes from Bruce the Spruce, all from the comfort of your warm car. Admission is exclusively available online for this year’s event as well! 

We hope you feel God’s presence here as you drive through and know His promise for you and your family. We look forward to seeing you at The Lights of Christmas presents… A Drive-Thru Christmas! 

-Kayla Castiglione, Retail Manager, The Lights of Christmas

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