Highlights from The Lights of Christmas Drive-Thru 

2020 was a difficult year for the community and the world. We were honored to bring the hope of Christmas through a modified drive-thru event last year.  

Thanks to our hard-working staff and supportive community we can provide a Drive-Thru Christmas event for the community this year. Sure, it is different than the festival event, yet due to staffing shortages and continued COVID guidelines, leadership of The Lights of Christmas decided on the drive-thru format as the best option.   

It’s our hope that you and your family are touched with the joy and hope of Christmas this year through the drive-thru event. And this year’s drive-thru has even more fun and creative displays. Thousands of families experienced the joy of The Lights of Christmas last year in the midst of a devastating pandemic. Here are some highlights, as seen by staff, in 2020: 

“A woman standing up through the sunroof in her car shouting Merry Christmas as the car was  moving along. She was totally into the experience!” -Laurie Fertello, Creative Director of The  Lights of Christmas 

“I was overwhelmed by the excitement that poured out of the cars. Obviously, the kids were  the most fun. They were seeing everything and loving it! The adults kept saying ‘Thank you!’ from the first night to the last. Receiving the joy and gratitude was the best memory.” -Julie  Henderson, Accommodations, Warm Beach Camp, (Julie does a bit of everything at The Lights of Christmas) 

“I loved when the laser lights came shooting through the car! And of course, we always love the  Nativity scene.” –Nancy Nelson, Director of Donor Relations at Warm Beach Camp Ministries

“My favorite The Lights of Christmas Drive-Thru memory was hearing the pure excitement from the kids hanging their heads out the windows and sunroofs as they slowly drove past the beautiful  lighted displays.” -Eugene Barnes, General Manager, Warm Beach Camp, home of The Lights of  Christmas 

“It was great to see all the new displays the team came up with and the sheer joy and gratitude  from all the guests. Everyone was wishing me a Merry Christmas as I took photos for social  media. It was also so encouraging to see how my coworkers worked hard and made personal  sacrifices so that we could put on the event for the community.” -Kayla Stikeleather, Marketing  Specialist, Warm Beach Camp Ministries 

We hope you will join us again this year for The Lights of Christmas presents… A Drive-Thru Christmas 2021. Order your tickets today at www.thelightsofchristmas.com . Open select nights November 26-January 8, advanced purchase required. 

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