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The Lights of Christmas for All Fund

Bless the community of Western Washington through sharing an experience at Warm Beach Camp’s The Lights of Christmas. The Lights of Christmas is partnering with local church and organizational leaders to ensure that The Lights of Christmas is accessible for those who would otherwise not be able to come. $38 is all it takes to share this hope-filled event with people in need!


Why The Lights of Christmas for All?

The goal of the The Lights of Christmas for All Fund is to empower local nonprofit and church organizations in providing individuals in the community opportunities to come to the event who otherwise would not be able to attend. The mission of The Lights of Christmas is to create a family-oriented Christmas experience in the Pacific Northwest that lavishly celebrates the Christmas message. The Lights of Christmas for All fund aims to provide those who are less financially fortunate an opportunity to experience the wonder and beauty of Christmas. $38 is all it takes to give people this hope-filled night of fun!

How are funds distributed?

100% of your donation goes towards bringing people to The Lights of Christmas. The event partners with community organizations to distrute admission tickets to families in need. All partner organizations are vetted and are both secular and Christian organizations so that all people groups in the community have equal opportunity for sponsorship.


How Do Individuals Request Tickets?

The Lights of Christmas for All partners with local church and non-profit organizations to distribute admission tickets to those in need. If you would like to receive an admission ticket through the program, find the partnering organization closest to you by browsing our list of partners and reach out to them. The list of partners can be found through the button below (coming soon).

What is the Christmas message?

Christmas is the story of the wonder of heaven and earth meeting, the joy of hope fulfilled, and love overflowing. Christmas expresses the timeless desire for peace on earth and goodwill to all persons. The Lights of Christmas celebrates the love, hope, and joy of the season through many creative themes as well as the traditional faith-based story.


What about taxes?

The Lights of Christmas is an program of Warm Beach Camp Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization located in Stanwood, Washington. All donations are tax-deductible. For further questions contact Emily Lambert, Development Associate at (360) 312-3232.