FAQ of The Lights of Christmas

Do you have questions about The Lights of Christmas? We have answers! . . . There are only 27 days until opening day! We hope these answers will help in planning your trip to come see the lights this season.

  • What is an Activity Stop?  An Activity Stop is a designated area within the drive-thru route where you can park-and-get out of your car to experience the different opportunities at the stop. Joyland is the Activity Stop near the beginning of the route and Santa’s Village is about two-thirds of the way through. Don’t miss these great options.
  • What activities are there?  In Joyland – Wander through the new light maze to a large Christmas tree with snow falling every 15 minutes and many photo opportunities. Get your holiday chuckles with Bruce the Spruce, the talking Christmas tree, and purchase a hot drink or snack before continuing through the drive-thru route. In Santa’s Village – Drop off your Christmas letters with Santa until December 23rd. Bring your camera and take a photo with him and Mrs. Claus (at no charge) and do some Christmas shopping at the gift shop.
  • What’s new this year?  Re-designed drive-thru route, to keep each year fresh and magical. Several new light displays have been added including a new underwater themed display. New Activity Stop! Activity Stops are great for those wanting more of a get-out-of-your-car experience. Santa’s Village and Joyland hold lots of fun activities perfect for creating long-lasting holiday memories!
  • Can you buy gifts and snacks?  Mini-donuts and kettle corn can be pre-purchased online or purchased upon arrival. Gift shops and snacks are also available for purchase at both Activity Stops.
  • Is it a walk-thru or drive-thru?  It is a drive-thru format with two optional park-and-get-out Activity Stops. We are so glad that many people enjoyed The Lights of Christmas Festival in the past. This was possible because of the dedication and hard work of incredible seasonal staff and volunteers. The walk thru event required around 250 people nightly to operate and the drive-thru format takes about 60 people. As with many businesses around the country, finding enough seasonal employees and volunteers to carry on as a festival has been impossible. We know this permanent change may be hard, and this style may not appeal to everyone, but we hope you’ll give it a try.

We are exited to offer TWO optional Activity Stops this year for those who want a park-and-get-out option, providing guests more than a typical drive-thru experience. 

  • How do I buy tickets? Pre-purchased vehicle ticket required. Purchase online at www.thelightsofchristmas.com/admission . Select the desired day and time at checkout. Remember, only one ticket is needed per vehicle.

Have more questions about The Lights of Christmas? Visit The Lights of Christmas Website

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