The Largest Christmas Festival in the Pacific Northwest!
2019 Dates: Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Dec. 5-8, 12-15, 18-23, 26-29

The Lights of Christmas for 2019

Nightly Festival

  • Performers in Joyland Concert Hall

    The Joyland Concert Hall features a variety of choir, band, dance and drama performances. Performances at 5:45pm, 6:45, 7:45, and 8:45. Schedule subject to change.
    11/29 Stanwood High School Choir and Jazz Band
    11/30 Lakeview Music Studio and Harmony Northwest Chorus
    12/1 Sequim High School Jazz Band and Choir
    12/2 4 This Time Women's Chorus and Straighter Road
    12/6 Kent Prairie Choir on Fire and Everett Norwegian Men's Chorus
    12/7 Cascade High School Music Department
    12/8 Monroe Concert Band and Voices Northwest Chorus
    12/9 Arlington School of Dance and Sonus Boreal
    12/13 The Sax Project and Mariner High Chamber Choir
    12/14 Getchell High School and 10th Street Middle School Jazz Band
    12/15 White River Show Choir and Seattle Flute Society Flute Choir
    12/16 Reflections School of Dance and Nancy Erickson
    12/19 Straighter Road and Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band
    12/20 Sanoma and Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band
    12/21 Called Out and Cascade Academy
    12/22 North Cascades Concert Band
    12/23 "A" Town Big Band
    12/26 Preflight and Voices of the Village
    12/27 David Harsh
    12/28 Premiere Dance and CTK Skagit Choir
    12/29 Dance Project Northwest

    *Modified Performance schedule - see Joyland Concert Hall for performance times

    Performers in Tinhorn Town

    In Tinhorn Town, guests can take in live bluegrass and country music. Performances at 5:15pm, 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, and 9:15pm. Schedule subject to change.
    11/29-30 Ranger and the Rearrangers
    12/1-2 Canote Brothers
    12/6 Cascade Creek Bluegrass Band
    12/7 Roosevelt Road
    12/8-9 Roosevelt Road
    12/13-15 The Archtops
    12/16 Roosevelt Road
    12/19 Cascade Creek Bluegrass Band
    12/20-21 Stilly River Band
    12/22-23 Smilin' Scandinavians
    12/26-29 Buck & Elizabeth

    Performers in Starry Night Coffee House

    Enjoy acoustic sets and spoken word performances at the Starry Night Coffeehouse (in Cedar Lodge). Performances at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00pm. Schedule subject to change.
    11/29-12/1 Jangles Trio
    12/2 Impressions
    12/6-8 Brothers Keeper
    12/9 Joe Fina Four
    12/13 Mel Birch
    12/14 The Coots
    12/15-16 Erandolin Strings
    12/19 Vivace Vocal Quartet
    12/20 Maggie Laird
    12/21 A Total Fiasco
    12/22 Fourcast
    12/23 Judi and Al
    12/26 Seawall
    12/27-28 Chloe Wilcox
    12/29 Josh Snodgrass


    Traditional 4-part harmony caroling performances. Approximately 20-minute sets at 5:45, 6:45, 7:45, 8:45, 9:45pm.

    Storytellers in Deer Mountain Lodge lobby

    One person drama vignettes performed at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00pm.

    11/29 Bev Friedrich
    11/30-12/1 Shawn Ritchey
    12/2 Wendy Isaac
    12/6 Bev Friedrich
    12/7-8 Shawn Ritchey
    12/9 Wendy Isaac
    12/13 Bev Friedrich
    12/14-16 Wendy Isaac
    12/19-20 Wendy Isaac
    12/21-22 Shawn Ritchey
    12/23 Wendy Isaac
    12/26-27 Shawn Ritchey
    12/28-29 Wendy Isaac
  • The-Lights-of-Christmas-Nightly-festival-santa web 858What is it about twinkling colored lights warming the night sky that awakens delight? Could it be that something deep within is awakened and drawn to light? Is it hope? Beauty? Wonder?

    Like a beckoning from a place more akin to our fondest childhood memories, lights take us someplace enchanting. The Lights of Christmas with over one million lights in dazzling displays, takes you to this place.

    As the lights create awe and wonder, music carries you through the enchanted grounds shifting themes with the decor. Musical performances by choirs, bands, and acoustic artists take place all throughout the evening. Drama vignettes entertain in the warmth of the Deer Mountain Lodge. Children enjoy making ornaments. Eyes widen with delight at the chance to ride a pony or pet a sheep. Amazingly, a spruce tree named Bruce talks to you and tells funny, and sometimes corny jokes to keep the laughter flowing through the night. Whether strolling through the lighted grounds or taking a short train ride, the lights create the festive backdrop for a magical holiday wonderland enjoyed with friends and family.

    At The Lights of Christmas, you'll experience a holiday dream come true. It's like becoming a child again at the most wonder-filled time of life! Over one million lights and more offers joy and celebration that leaves you feeling, "This is what Christmas is all about!"

  • 858 Kid activities at The Lights of Christmas Stanwood PNWYoung and old alike will be amazed and enchanted at The Lights of Christmas holiday festival in Stanwood, WA. There is so much to see and do, and with more being added this season, give yourself enough time to experience it all.

    There are many fun activities at The Lights included with the cost of admission. The visit isn’t complete without a ride on the Polar Express Train. Once you ride the train, head over to Bruce the Spruce, the talking Christmas tree, to say “hi” and share a few jokes. Just around the bend is the Shepherd’s Keep—a petting farm featuring soft and gentle sheep, a llama, and goats. For the kids under four feet tall who love horses, pony rides are a must. New this year is the Natural Wonders Light Maze, an actual maze to make your way through, made entirely of lights!

    And of course, Santa is at The Lights through December 23, talking with little visitors about their wish list. On the way, you might even see Frolaf the snowman and the Engineer Bear for a photo op.

    Some activities have a modest additional cost. There is a very talented face painter across from the Polar Express Train in the downstairs lobby of Bayside Inn. Kids can try their own creativity and make ornaments in Joyland Ornament Shop and wooden toys at Elfland Toy Shop.

    For more information on activities, entertainment schedules, food options, and more at The Lights of Christmas, be sure to check out this page. Connect with us on Facebook at <link> for fun posts, contest and more!

    By the way – as of right now there is only 61 days, 23 hours, 10 minutes left!

  • JoylandGroup 858Groups — whether social, family, school or work groups, The Lights of Christmas in Stanwood WA is the perfect venue to create a night of wonderful memories. There are several different options for your group at The Lights of Christmas including the general Nightly Festival, Party Rooms, Holiday Theatre and Overnight Getaway options.

    The evening’s Nightly Festival features a variety of activities and live entertainment perfect for people of all ages. In addition, delicious meals and holiday treats abound along with gift shops, all amongst a million lights in dazzling displays. Group discounts are available for 20-39 people, and groups of 40 or more get an even larger discount. If you are looking for a place to gather for a private party have a couple party room rental options. Click here to learn more about Party Rooms.

    Holiday Theatre at The Lights of Christmas offers a memorable evening of dining with the live theatre production It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry. Groups can come for Dinner Theatre with an elegant five-course meal, or Sunday Dessert Matinee with a tasty late afternoon dessert. Both of these theatre options offer group discounts. It is sure to add an exceptional occasion to your holiday season.

    Groups may also make reservations for an Overnight Getaway package. There are overnight lodging options ideal for groups of all sizes. Each lodging facility is uniquely decorated in its own Christmas theme. In the morning guests may enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast buffet.

    Whatever group option you choose, The Lights of Christmas is the perfect place for holiday celebrations and even a bit of magic and wonder.

    For more information, photos, and to register: Group Information.