LiveTheatre at TheLightsofChristmas 400pxThis year’s Live Theatre production at The Lights of Christmas, Back Home on the Tumblin’ D, by Victoria Ritchey, was first performed in 2012 and a favorite of our Theatre attendees. A sequel to last year’s play, it brings back the Tumblin’ D characters with new adventures, and lots of love and laughter. A shell-shocked Tom comes home from World War II Italy to find everything changed – his Boston-bred fiancée now a ranch hand, his employer, Miss Eloise, engaged, and cattle disappearing from the Tumblin’ D. How will our characters pick back up their lives and celebrate the enduring bonds shared during the holidays?

The hope and joy of holidays have the power to bring together fragmented aspects of life that are otherwise full of unresolved tension. In an era where so much was sacrificed by so many, the WWII generation offers timeless lessons of strength, courage, and tenacity. Playwright, Victoria Ritchey, shares, “World War II remains the greatest conflict in history… My hope is that this story will give us a small glimpse of an era when both soldiers and civilians gave so much.”

Live Theatre at The Lights of Christmas is an exceptional occasion for the holidays. Set amidst the beauty of the Christmas Festival, the experience offers guests a memorable evening of an elegant Dinner Theatre, or Sunday Dessert Matinee.

See Live Theatre for more information and reservations, or call 1.800.228.6724.